A collection of songs, old and new, I can't get enough of. Takeaway - The Chainsmokers, ILLENIUM, ft. Lennon Stella Talk - Khalid Sing Me To Sleep - Alan Walker Red Lights - Tiësto I’m A Mess - Ed Sheeran Bloodstream - The Chainsmokers Real Life - Burna Boy … Continue reading PLAYLIST TUESDAYS


Reviewing Roar

The Woman Who Was Kept on a Shelf The episode starts with a young Amelia and her mother, who’s preparing her for a pageant backstage. She tells her daughter that if she had to choose between Amelia being beautiful or smart, she’d always go with beautiful. Fast forward to some years later, Amelia is a … Continue reading Reviewing Roar

Random Thoughts: #5

Are people putting celebrities on a pedestal? I was browsing Facebook the other day and I came across an amusing Daily Mail article about a 54-year-old personal trainer who’s had several people come up to him and tell him he looks like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. This has apparently happened so many times that he … Continue reading Random Thoughts: #5

Reviewing Roar

The Woman Who Ate Photographs This episode takes place in Australia. Robin, a wife and mother of two, has to drive to her childhood home to pick up her mother, who’ll be living with them as she’s suffering from dementia. The opening scene shows her helping her eldest son, Todd, who’ll be moving out and … Continue reading Reviewing Roar

Cheers to Letting Go

This Valentine’s Day, while other people will be celebrating their relationships, I’ll be celebrating the end of mine, and it feels oh-so-good. I started this blog not only because I love writing, but because I wanted to create a safe space - a space I could call my own, so I could share details about … Continue reading Cheers to Letting Go

Random Thoughts: #4

What’s the deal with Africa? This is as much a rant as it is a random thought. I started a new Netflix series not too long ago called Please Like Me. It’s based in Australia, and I was enjoying it until a particular scene where the protagonist’s father’s brand-new Porsche is vandalised. The father starts … Continue reading Random Thoughts: #4

Dealing with Friendship Breakups

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the friends I had in high school. My two years of A-Level were some of the best years of my life; I loved my classes, and I also loved the time I spent outside of the classrooms, socialising with everyone. And I’d honestly do anything to go back … Continue reading Dealing with Friendship Breakups

Reviewing Roar

The Woman Who Disappeared Roar is a short anthology series available on Apple TV+, with eight episodes that give a glimpse into the lives of eight different women with unique stories, dealing with issues prevalent in society today. It’s very thought-provoking and if you haven’t watched it yet, you definitely should. The first episode is … Continue reading Reviewing Roar

Random Thoughts: #3

Have social experiments gone too far? There are several social media personalities who take videos “helping” homeless and other vulnerable people and posting them online. This is a trend that’s becoming increasingly common. There was a point when I found these videos heartwarming…but now? I can’t help but wonder if these are people with genuine … Continue reading Random Thoughts: #3

Random Thoughts: #2

Is social media good or bad for your mental health? I’ve been taking a mental health break from Instagram for about a month now, and it’s made me ponder on this question quite a bit. As someone who struggles with anxiety, I’ve realised that social media has both a positive and negative effect on my … Continue reading Random Thoughts: #2