Hey everyone! Another update.

I had a really busy day today, but I’m not complaining. My feet are sore but it was all worth it. I drove around town in the morning because I had some errands to run. I also enjoyed listening to some Christmas carols and singing along to each and every one. In the afternoon, I was in and out of stores, searching for Christmas gifts. I also bought myself some clothing items, and took some pictures to share.

These are super comfy and light. Plus I can wear them with almost any outfit and I love that.
It’s hot here almost all the time. So some shorts (or ten) are a must-have.
I almost always get a pair of jeans when I do some shopping because I wear them a lot. This isn’t a shade of blue I’d normally go for, but I decided to try something different.
Because why wouldn’t I get a top that’s versatile and has a positive message?

I hope you all had a good day!


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